About Us.

Every name tells a story, and this is the story of Riverlife.



Inspired by the saying “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” As the name clearly states, Riverlife is derived from the words “river” and “life.” As does every river, Riverlife too has a source and this is how Riverlife came to be.

Having been taught how to fish in the hospitality industry for over two decades, the time has come to make our own bed so as to have our own base, from which the vast skills, as silt accumulates over time, could be spread out, as a river branches out into tributaries.

Having carefully meandered through a list of names, we decided to settle for the name Riverlife. Just as a river does, Riverlife aims to provide you; our valued customers; a constant flow of consisitently tasty French-Caribbean cuisine. Trunk is the word used to define the main course of a river, here at Riverlife the trunk of our menu will be based on the unusual fusion of French and Caribbean cooking

We therefore welcome you to Riverlife. and assure you, just as at an estuary, where fresh water meets the salt water of the sea, your taste buds will soon undergo an estuary-like transition. Interestingly, a river ends at the mouth emptying into a large body of water, here at Riverlife, your mouth watering experience, is just about to begin, emptying into a large body called the belly!

Bon appetite!


Our Team

Paul Cowley

Head Chef

Buumba Mweetwa

Restaurant Owner

William Walker

Restaurant Manager

The curator of every dish out of the kitchen, Chef Paul pours out his passion and experience into every one of those dishes.

The heart and soul of RiverLife with her signature enchanting smile; Miss Buumba is the heart of the restaurant. 

Charismatic, welcoming, and part of the family, Will will guarantee excellent service with a smile.

"RiveRLife is truly the finest French-Caribbean restaurant in Edinburgh. I couldn't recommend it enough."
- Shamika Smith​